About Zeno Property

zeno property
Hi we’re Bert and Erinie, business partners, friends and co-founders of Zeno Property™ and offmarket Investments. We’re dedicated to to finding you the best property investing.

Our hunch is you were looking for property investment experts in Google or Facebook and our website came up first!

Zeno Property’s Investments are here to provide exclusive property deals to everyday Aussies, Kiwis and Americians.

We offer a wealth of experience and general investing advice for our members. While we do charge a small monthly fee for gold members anyone can get access to great property deals for free just buy joining.

How does Zeno make money?

Yes we do make a little bit from our monthly fees. However, most of our income comes by way of commission from the property developers we deal with. We do not charge fees or any commissions to our clients. While we do provide detailed analysis for any property we offer. We always strongly recommend that you do your own investigations and consult an investment professional before ever buying any investment.